Sunday, April 12, 2009

SharePoint 2007 / MOSS Page Refers Old Layout

Recently I was working a lot with SharePoint 2007 / MOSS Publishing Pages and Layouts. I noticed a weird behavior when I was moving some of the pages from dev environment to production. Sometimes the link to page layout is getting stuck and still pointing to an old (dev) environment. It was not obvious to find a way to fix it…

First I tried just exporting those pages to my local disk and editing it in notepad and putting it back. This approach did work, but was a little bit too manual…

After some head scratching I finally found a Page Settings page. When your page editing toolbar is visible (you clicked on “Site Actions” ->“Edit Page”), you can click on Page dropdown and select “Page Settings and Schedule”. On that page you can control Page Title and Description, Publishing Schedule, Page Layout, Audience Targeting and Page Contact. Alternatively you can just browse to it http://your-sharepoint-site/_layouts/PageSettings.aspx?Page=<Page ID>.

I had a few situations when it was still not working, and I was getting an error trying to change layout settings. You can always edit it in notepad in that case, as I described earlier.


  1. Hi Paul, thanks for posting this. Too bad it doesn't work in every occasion! I will try it, maybe it helps.

  2. It was pretty much working 98% of the time.